Only 6 Months Left in the Year – What Have you Done with Your Career Goals?


Gosh, we’re halfway through 2016 already! Before you know it, we’ll see all sorts of media asking you about your 2017 resolutions.

By the way, how are your 2016 career resolutions coming along? Have you accomplished some of your goals? Have you set new sights on new frontiers?

Or has daily life taken over, bogged you down, and time has simply slipped away?

If you had set your eyes on a new career goal back in January, it’s not too late to still work on your ambitions.

Start with evaluating your original career goal. Ask yourself:

  • Was I being realistic?
  • Did I set a reasonable timeline? Did I even set a timeline?
  • What have I done so far to attain this goal? Have I taken on new projects, earned a new credential, or completed a course relevant to my next career?

If you find yourself exactly where you were six months ago, and that is not where you want to be, now is the time to refocus.

Perhaps you need to change your goals. I always write my plans in pencil so they can be easily changed. The same goes for your career aspirations; sometimes they need to change. Let’s face it, life happens. We often give up because life didn’t happen the way we wanted.

You may even say, “But Lori, I’ve done all the right things – took a course, got a certification, did my research, and all that jazz – and I’m still stuck!”

Let’s go back to your original objective you had in mind at the beginning of the year. Write it down. Then write down everything you have done to move in the direction of accomplishing your goal. Then ask, what else can I do?

  • Did you update your LinkedIn profile with your new accomplishments?
  • Have you let others know you’re looking to make a career move?
  • Are you making new connections online?
  • Have you asked for help – from friends, family, former colleagues, a mentor, a career coach? Who is in your corner supporting you?
  • Will your current location support the career you want? If not, are you willing/able to relocate? Do you want to start your own business? Expand your ideas to give yourself more options.

Attaining any goal can be a struggle.

Random-image-random-36682392-500-523Your career will most like be more of a zigzag pattern, not the nice straight line to success. That would be too easy! For now, keep your goals in your sights and never give up!

Here are some great resources to help you when making a career change:

15 Questions To Ask Before Making A Career Change, by Chrissy Scivicque at

5 Very Good Reasons to Volunteer to Find Employment, by Bob McIntosh at Things Career Related

How to Set Ambitious Career Goals You Can Realistically Accomplish, by Lea McLeod at The Muse


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